Kids and Language Learning

——Record of my volunteer experiences

About this blog

The blogger is a student from MA Digital Media: Education at University College London, who enjoys her postgraduate studies a lot, and also spends her spare time volunteering in a series of language tutoring activities now.

As a language enthusiast, apart from her mother tongue Mandarin, and English, she has also studied German as her undergraduate major, Spanish for eleven years, and French. Meanwhile, she loves children so much, having participated in a variety of volunteer activities as well as internships related to K-12 education during the past four years at university. For her, where the kids are, where the source of joy and energy will be.

This is a blog recording her volunteer experiences, that she helps children study foreign languages through online video lessons during the epidemic in London.

Recent Updates

Week 1: Study with an 8-year-old girl

Week 2: Teaching German with the fascinating software Kahoot!

Week 3: Bilibili: a helpful Chinese video website for learning

Week 4: The importance of listening and repeating

Week 5: Mutual Review in Children’s Writing Assignments

Week 6: Foreign languages as the guidance during lessons

Week 7: Games: auxiliary methods in the teaching design

Week 8: The end of term, but not the end of learning


As a volunteer, she accompanies oversea Chinese children to learn foreign languages through online lessons every weekend.


A variety of interactive techniques are used to enhance children’s interest in learning, such as drawings, role-playing conversations, multimedia learning websites like “Kahoot!”.


After each session, there is always a blog where she reflects on her teaching performance, the kids’ learning outcomes, her design of their homework, as well as other aspects, aiming to develop more optimised learning pathways.